Dynamic Assessment Training

May is training for Dynamic Assessment of Young Children with Dr. David Tzuriel. The training will be held May 23-26 at the Homewood Suites in Alpharetta. See our Training page for details and registration information.

Summer Workshop Training

The Southeastern Center for the Enhancement of Learning will host IE Basic and Standard training from June 13 - 24, 2016. See our Training page for details and registration information.

Welcome to SCEL

Are you interested in how children and adults can become better thinkers? Better problem solvers? Better decision makers? Would you like to know more about how to assess someone’s learning potential? The Southeastern Center for the Enhancement of Learning (SCEL) offers programs and curricula that have been shown to enhance learning skills. As a result of our proven training, we can equip the parent, teacher, therapist, employee or employer, with the necessary skills to help themselves and/or others – from ages three to adult – become better lifelong learners.

The SCEL Training Experience - What makes it special?

Any Cognitive Enrichment Training is a special experience, but we like to think that Cognitive Enrichment Training at SCEL is “extra special.” The main thing that makes it so special is the fellowship with some very interesting people--from our certified trainers to our interesting mix of novice and experienced participants. Trainees come to us from a wide variety of settings: public schools, charter schools, private schools, special needs schools, home schools, educational therapy settings, and clinical practice. Add to this the geographical diversity –which in past years has included participants from eleven different states (literally coast to coast from Georgia to California) and ten different countries –mainly from Europe, but also including Russia, UAE and Thailand, and you have fertile ground for intellectual “sharing.”

A second thing that makes our training “extra special” is the quality of our training staff. All of our certified trainers have earned advanced degrees, have extensive classroom experience, and have completed many hours of Cognitive Enrichment training—some of which, for each trainer-- has been through International ICELP Workshops. Their dedication to our training makes it possible for us to offer smaller classes in order to meet individual training needs.

We try to limit our classes to ten participants, and, with our own staff trainers, can often offer classes with as few as six trainees. Each class is conducted by a certified trainer who is present for all the sessions –even if there are occasional guest presenters. This insures continuity and efficiency of time use, and more importantly, provides a contact person for after training follow-up. (For information on SCEL Trainers check the website under Contact Us.)

The availability of Teacher’s Guides and a Training Notebook with resources for each course is also an important extra. We feel that part of our training is to help participants learn how to use the Guides. We have chosen to include them in our registration fee rather than make them optional and available for purchase at additional expense. We also provide internet access at the training site.

As important as these aspects of our training are, however, there is another element that really makes the difference—that is a big dose of Southern Hospitality. In order to minimize the interruptions inherent in full day training, we furnish lunch and two breaks daily. Breaks and lunch are valuable times for discussion and interaction among trainers and participants.

Our trainers are sensitive to individual needs, and are anxious to give our trainees individual attention, but our main resource in this department is our hospitality chairperson. She is available to help with any problems that may arise.

Finally, when you train at SCEL, we say, “We are yours forever!” You are free to contact us at any time for advice or just to chat.

Training Update

SCEL is excited to partner with the following schools as they commence implementation of FIE in their schools or expand their existing implementation to include more opportunities for their students:

More Training Opportunities

We have had many inquiries regarding subsequent training before the Summer Workshops. SCEL is looking into scheduling on-going training. If you are interested in training outside of the Summer Workshop, please go to the "contact us" page and send us an inquiry with what courses you would like to take and what dates would work best for you. We look forward to meeting your future training needs by offering periodic classes through out the year.

Upcoming Trip to Israel

Pam Hull's Daughter, Son-in-Law, Granddaughter

Last September, owners Pam and David Hull visited the Feuerstein Institute where they met the staff and observed the day-to-day workings within various departments. Before leaving we scheduled another trip for October of this year. We will be taking our granddaughter and her parents to the center to receive therapy and training in the mediated learning experience.


For those of you who do not know our story, our granddaughter Kyla, was born two years ago with Down Syndrome. The Feuerstein Institute is world renowned for modifying the cognitive abilities of children with Down Syndrome. She will have numerous daily sessions of therapy for the duration of the visit and we will learn how to more effectively mediate her in our daily lives to ensure her highest level of functioning. We will be chronicling this journey and will share with you as it unfolds. Make sure to check back on the updates.

Pam Hull's Granddaughter


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The mission of the Southeastern Center for the Enhancement of Learning is to provide clients with proven, certified programming in Cognitive Enrichment in various academic and professional settings.

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