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The mission of the Southeastern Center for the Enhancement of Learning is to provide clients with proven, certified programming in Cognitive Enrichment in various academic and professional settings.

Our Mission The Southeastern Center for the Enhancement of Learning (SCEL) was founded on the principle that people are most productive, academically and professionally, when they are able to act as independent thinkers and problem solvers, capable of engaging in life-long learning. But in order to do so, one must develop the cognitive skills that are pre-requisites for learning. Cognitive Enrichment is the process of improving these necessary thinking and learning skills, which when developed enhance a person's academic or job performance, as well as quality of life. SCEL is committed to both the systemic implementation of Cognitive Enrichment Programs and to the training of teachers who will be able to implement such programs.

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The SCEL is designed to train educators and professionals in how to administer proven methods for enhancing a student's critical thinking skills and capacity to learn.

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Pam Hull, Training Coordinator
(770)855-5618 (ph)
(678)890-4001 (fax)

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