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SCEL's summer workshops provide training for teachers, counselors, parents and other professionals who are interested in providing cognitive intervention using Professor Feuerstein's Programs.

Schools or academic institutions

A Cognitive Enrichment Program can be implemented in an academic setting by introducing Feuerstein's two applied systems – Instrumental Enrichment (IE) and the Learning Propensity Assessment Device (LPAD) – into the school curriculum. The materials are appropriate for age three through grade 12, but are also effective for college students and adults. A certified trainer from SCEL is available to train teachers. The Southeastern Center operates as an agent for and is approved by the Feuerstein Institute (formerly known as the International Center for the Enhancement of Learning Potential) in Jerusalem, Israel.

Our MissionFor those interested in learning more about how to implement a cognitive enrichment program through SCEL, we offer an awareness or orientation session with detailed public information for you to obtain a better understanding of the programs and services offered at SCEL and their potential benefit to you, your school, and especially your students.

Businesses or industry applications

IE Fast Track, ideal for businesses and adult continuing education

Fast Track is a relatively new program developed specifically for implementation with adults in business, in industry, or in continuing education. SCEL can design a program suitable for small groups of adults, with pre- and post-program measures of improvements in cognitive (thinking, learning, and problem solving) skills among attendees. SCEL recently implemented a successful Fast Track program for a local utility serving 54,000 customers. A group of approximately 20 managers and employees participated in a multi-week class that utilized approved, select pages from the IE curriculum. Successful implementation of this Fast Track program achieved the client’s objective to assist managers with solving on-the-job problems requiring “out-of-the-box” thinking.

Clinical Settings

IE Programs are also ideal for a clinical setting (one-to-one intervention). Although SCEL dos not have a formal clinical setting at this time, several of our staff members are available on a limited basis to work with individual learners. Certified staff members can provide both assessment using the LPAD and intervention using IE and other tutorial methods.

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Our Theoretical Base

Professor Reuven Feuerstein's programs are based on two very important theoretical principles – Structural Cognitive Modifiability and Mediated Learning Experience. For an elaboration of these theories, go to the ICELP web site at www.icelp.org.

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