National Connections

North American Feuerstein Alliance (NAFA)

NAFA members are individuals who have been enriched through their association with Reuven Feuerstein and his lifelong effort to improve the cognitive abilities of children and adults. Because of this experience, they are firm believers in the wisdom of Feuerstein’s theory of cognitive modifiability and its applied methodologies of assessment and intervention to strengthen an individual’s deficient and/or fragile cognitive functions.

As an alliance of professional educators and cognitive psychologists, NAFA has as its main purpose to encourage others in related fields to use Feuerstein programs to improve the cognitive abilities of children and adults in North America. Members are dedicated to the belief that the programs created by Reuven Feuerstein and his son, Rafi Feuerstein, provide educators with the knowledge and practical techniques that will enable them to effectively address the critical needs of education in a challenging and changing world.

The objectives of NAFA are as follows:

  1. To build a community of learners in North America among the NAFA membership and others interested in the promotion of Feuerstein’s theory and applied systems in North America.
  2. To encourage research and collect and disseminate research reports on applications of Feuerstein’s methodologies.
  3. To hold a biennial conference in North America that will facilitate the sharing of best practices, theoretical developments, and communications among NAFA membership and among other organizations and individuals interested in Feuerstein’s work.
  4. To collaborate with The Feuerstein Institute (formerly ICELP, the International Center for the Enhancement of Learning Potential) in Jerusalem, Israel, in the advancement of Feuerstein’s assessment and intervention tools in North America, specifically, the Learning Propensity Assessment Device, FIE Standard and FIE Basic.
  5. To promote the development of multi-media materials, publications, etc. in order to communicate and advocate use of Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment (FIE) methodologies.

NAFA has established the organization legally through the Department of Revenue Services with the state of Connecticut, received 501-C, tax-exempt, status, written a Mission Statement and Bylaws, purchased a URL domain name, and are developing a website. Numerous emails and newsletters have been sent to all NAFA members, including encouraging correspondence from Professor Feuerstein. The officers meet monthly in teleconference calls and communicate weekly through email. In September, 2010, NAFA will host an online video-conference, at which the focus will be on strategies for meeting the above described objectives.

NAFA expects to grow significantly in the coming years and become a powerful national voice in North America for improving the lives of today’s youth and adults through the programs of Reuven Feuerstein. A membership form can be downloaded here, and you are invited to become a part of The North American Feuerstein Alliance.

International Connections

The Feuerstein Institute (formerly known as the International Center for the Enhancement of Learning Potential)

The Southeastern Center for the Enhancement of Learning (SCEL) is affiliated with the Feuerstein Institute (formerly known as the International Center for the Enhancement of Learning Potential), founded by Professor Reuven Feuerstein.

ICELP Mailing Address:
47 Narkes Street, 91077
Jerusalem, Israel

SCEL implements its Cognitive Enrichment Programs as developed by Professor Feuerstein, and trains teachers, therapists, parents, and others, to use the program with their own students and/or clients.

Comprehensive information on the ICELP can be found at their Web site:

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Dr. Falik LPAD Training

SCEL is an Authorized Training Center for ICELP and frequently brings ICELP staff to Atlanta to conduct training at the SCEL Workshops.

Quick Contact:

Pam Hull, Training Coordinator
(770)855-5618 (ph)
(678)890-4001 (fax)

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