Overview of The Learning Propensity Assessment Devise (LPAD)

The Learning Propensity Assessment Devise (LPAD) is the assessment component of Cognitive Enrichment Programming that asks the question, "What is the individual's capacity for learning?"

The LPAD is a dynamic assessment tool designed to evaluate the potential for learning in an individual, rather than what has been learned up to a given point. Although anecdotal evidence abounds that potential for learning often goes unrecognized under standardized psychometric measures, the LPAD is one of only a few instruments specifically designed to successfully assess cognitive functioning and learning potential (propensity).

The LPAD consists of a series of paper and pencil tasks (instruments) that are designed to assess cognitive functioning. The instruments can be used in special situations for a more in-depth assessment than is possible through IE alone. The instruments are as nearly as possible free from academic content, so that performance of the tasks does not depend on prior knowledge.

Since administration of the test is dynamic, the examiner plays an active and intensive part in the testing process. Through the test-mediate-retest format, the examiner is able to detect "micro changes" in the performance, which will indicate the measure of modifiability of the individual.

The LPAD can be administered either individually or in a group setting. The purpose in both cases is to:

  • Assess cognitive functioning of individuals.
  • Assess cognitive modifiability.
  • Determine the appropriate intervention (IE curriculum) needed.

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