Related Cognitive Enrichment Programs

Mediated Learning Workshops

These two-day experiences (10 hours total) are provided for parents and teachers who want to delve into the theoretical and practical aspects of mediated learning, without specifically using the Instrumental Enrichment (IE) materials.

After School Enrichment Programs

The after school programs are specifically designed to help students in need of developing cognitive or 'learning to learn' skills, outside of their regular classroom setting. When cognitive enrichment through the use of IE is not a part of the regular classroom curriculum, a tutorial or after school program often becomes an ideal setting for introducing administrators, teachers, parents and students to the concept of cognitive enrichment.

In one of our After School Enrichment Programs, classes typically are taught twice a week throughout the school year. During this time, teachers can identify deficiencies in cognitive functioning among students and provide the necessary (IE) curriculum and tutorial services, to begin to overcome these student shortcomings.

Tips for Tutors

Tips for Tutors is a four-hour workshop designed to introduce volunteer tutors to the principles of the theoretical approaches utilized through SCEL, such as Mediated Learning, Structural Cognitive Modifiability, and Learning Readiness.

Joyful Parenting Seminar

This seminar, developed by SCEL staff member Dr. Elles Taddeo, is targeted to parents of children with special needs. During the seminar, parents of special needs children will learn strategies, based on the theories and programs developed by Professor Reuven Feuerstein, which will help them cultivate both an expanded capacity to learn and an improved quality of life.

Learning to Learn Math

"Learning to Learn Math" is a 12-hour small group seminar taught by Dr. Wood to those college-bound high school students (or struggling college students) who have high math anxiety and low academic performance.

Group LPAD is used to assess the cognitive functions or learning skills necessary for advanced high school or college mathematics. The seminar also includes discussions of the study skills that are necessary for success in college mathematics, especially in advanced courses.

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The SCEL offers programs for a variety of audiences that are specifically designed for the individual audience.

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