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Course Descriptions, Instrumental Enrichment Basic (IE-B)

IE Basic was introduced in 2003 in response to a need for intervention materials that would be appropriate for younger children (age four through 3rd grade) and/or for severely low functioning older learners. The instruments are based on the same theories of cognitive modifiability and teaching principles as IE Standard, but IE Basic focuses on the establishment of a universe of content that may not be available to the younger child, but is necessary for effective learning. IE Basic prepares the younger learner for the IE Standard Program as well.

IE-B, Level I

Participants will receive a review of the theoretical basis of Instrumental Enrichment and will be instructed in the materials and didactics of the first five instruments of the IE Basic program: Organization of Dots, From Unit to Group, Identifying Emotions, From Empathy to Action, and Compare and Discover the Absurd A. (It is required that participants in this course have training in IE Standard I.)

IE-B, Level II

Participants will continue to study the theoretical aspects of IE and will be instructed in the remaining instruments of the IE Basic Battery. (Since Basic II instruments are still being developed, others may be added.) The current Level II instruments include: Orientation in Space, Compare and Discover the Absurd B, Questioning for Reading Comprehension, Tri-Channel Attentional Learning, and Think and Prevent Violence. (Only those who have had IE Basic I are eligible for this class.)

Note: More detailed course descriptions suitable for use when applying for staff development or graduate school credits are available upon request.

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