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Course Descriptions, Instrumental Enrichment Standard (IE-S)

Our MissionAll classes require 45 hours of study with a trainer who is certified by the Feuerstein Institute (formerly known as the International Center for the Enhancement of Learning Potential).

IE Standard is an intervention program designed to enhance cognitive functioning of both public and private school students from diverse populations ranging from low performers to gifted underachievers (beginning with fourth graders) as well as adults from university, continuing education or industrial settings. The purpose of the program is to strengthen deficient cognitive functions and enhance the individual's capacity to learn from direct exposure to stimuli in formal as well as informal learning situations.

IE-S, Level I

Participants will receive comprehensive training in the theoretical basis for IE and in the materials and didactics of four Instruments from the IE Program: Organization of Dots, Comparisons, Orientation in Space I, and Analytic Perception.

IE-S, Level II

Participants will continue study of the theoretical aspects of IE and will receive instruction and practice in preparing an IE lesson, as well as comprehensive instruction in the materials and didactics of five of the Instruments from the IE Program: Categorization, Numerical Progressions, Family Relations, Temporal Relations, and Illustrations. (Only those who have completed Level I training are eligible for this class.)

IE-S, Level III

Participants will receive instruction in the theoretical aspects of IE as they relate to other learning theories; and they will receive comprehensive instruction in the last five instruments of the IE Program: Instructions, Orientation in Space II, Transitive Relations, Syllogisms, and Representational Stencil Design. (Only those who have completed Level II training are eligible for this class.)

Note: More detailed course descriptions suitable for use when applying for staff development or graduate school credits are available upon request.

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Our Theoretical Base

Professor Reuven Feuerstein's programs are based on two very important theoretical principles – Structural Cognitive Modifiability and Mediated Learning Experience. For an elaboration of these theories, go to the ICELP web site at

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